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Our concept of cooking

Perfumes and atmosphere are a real journey into space. The majolica and the Mediterranean warmth become like a postcard to immerse yourself for lunch or an aperitif. If you want to find harmony and truthfulness between a business appointment and another, the ground floor of Casa Limone is dedicated to the Urban Bar where you can order a variety of tasty brunch, lunch and happy hour proposals in full Italian street food style.

Sitting at an elegant counter, you can appreciate the taste of a pizza, a sandwich, and a glass of wine.

On the first floor is the Casa Limone Restaurant, ready to welcome guests who want a structured, captivating and decadent meal, in full Mediterranean style.

Up the stairs, you will find the dishes of the Italianissimo starred chef, Antonio Salvatore, who came to New York to bring his land’s flavors and give color to the city’s frenzied pace through a feast for the palate.

While sitting at the table, you can observe the activity of the oven and fully immerse yourself in this Mediterranean culinary offer deluxe.

Each dish - an artwork